Building with Paragon Custom Homes (PCH) is easy.
The Overall Process includes the following items:

 1)       We can help if you don’t own land

 If you do not own land, PCH can assist you in finding a suitable lot. We are aware of land for sale in the areas in which we build and often have options on prime lots. We also have direct access to the Multiple Listing Services for both Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, providing a wealth of available properties from which to choose. When deciding to build a custom home, the lot cost plays a vital part in the affordability of the project.

 2)   If you own a lot, we will estimate the cost of site improvements on your land

 As part of the sales price, PCH will include the costs of any site improvements which are needed for a complete home package. We will include items such as county permits, lot clearing, grading, house location, etc. These estimates will be included in the total project’s price.

3)       Select the floor plan that best meets your needs

 There are many options when deciding upon a house plan. PCH will craft your new home from plans you provide, one of our plans, or create a new design customized to your individual lifestyle.  Our design service will create a floor plan for you for free before producing architectural blueprints. PCH welcomes custom design changes that will personalize your home plan. There are also vast selections of house plans available on the internet. Popular sites include:,,, etc.

4)    Confirm the home’s features and specifications

PCH has developed thorough and complete written Construction Specifications that are a vital part of the project. These specifications will detail every item required in the construction of your new home. As we review the items with you, we can suggest additional options or features that may meet your needs and your budget. Reviewing, revising and understanding the specs are critical to the project’s success. Where appropriate, PCH will provide allowances for selections (i.e. cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting, etc.) that can be determined later in the process.

5)        We will present you a complete home price

 Once we have determined the lot condition costs, verified the floor plan and elevation, and confirmed the specifications and options, PCH will present a complete and competitive home price for your review. We will work with you through any revisions to the plans, specs and options until a “final” package meeting your wishes is produced.

6)       Creating the Construction Agreement

Upon acceptance of our project’s proposal, PCH will create a Construction Agreement. This contract will include the price of the home, construction timeline, change orders, mandatory clauses, warranty, insurance, occupancy, etc. This Agreement marks the official beginning of the builder-homeowner relationship. Clearly understanding the terms of the Agreement is important to your long-term satisfaction during the construction process and after.

7)       The construction process begins and a confirmed completion date established

The final architectural plans have been completed and the building permit has been approved. The bank’s financing has been obtained and PCH is ready to move forward on your custom home project! We will conduct a Pre-construction Conference on site to confirm the plans, specs, lot conditions, etc. At that time, we will provide you with a written construction schedule showing you approximately when your new home will be completed and ready for occupancy. We will furnish you with written selection forms that delineate sources and showrooms, contact persons, addresses, telephone numbers and dates that the selections are needed. It is important that you, the homeowner, make the selections in a timely manner in order for PCH to keep the project on schedule.

8)     Building your custom home

 PCH provides total flexibility during the construction process. We recognize that even the most scrutinized custom planning and design process cannot cover every detail you may want in your new home. We will gladly make field changes to the original contract as may be requested. All such changes will be executed on a written change order (addendum) to preclude any miscommunication or misunderstanding of what is to be changed, as well as to define construction schedules and/or cost changes. You will be able to monitor the progression of the construction. Regular site visits with PCH are encouraged and we provide detailed homeowner inspections (with checklists) at key points during construction (e.g. Pre-Trade Rough-ins, Pre-Drywall, etc.).

9)    The home is “almost” ready to occupy!

 After months of planning, designing, engineering, permitting, construction, selections, and inspections, PCH is ready to conduct a complete and thorough Pre-Settlement Orientation (PSO) of your new home with you. We will demonstrate the homes’ features and operations and will specifically note, in writing, any items that may require further attention. A written copy will be provided to you and PCH will complete most, if not all, of the items prior to occupancy.

10)    Occupy, test-drive and enjoy!!!

 After moving into your new home and you have had a chance to live in it for a few days, you may observe a few items that need further attention that developed since or were missed on the Pre-Settlement Orientation. This is perfectly normal, as there are thousands of “parts” comprising your new home. You can either email us a Customer Service Request (CSR) form which will be provided at your PSO. You will receive another CSR about 11 months after occupancy prior to the expiration of the one-year limited warranty. Remember that we are always just a phone call away to answer any questions or to schedule an appointment.

 Few things are as exciting or rewarding as watching your new home being built. It is our goal that we make this process positive and enjoyable for our customers. From start to finish of building your new home, we want you to agree that Paragon Custom Homes is THE builder “Where Excellence is the Standard”!!